LifeSavers Candy





… a unique educational group

 session combining the

 management of personal

 stress along with balancing

  work and family – all presented

  in a hilarious energy-filled




LIFESAVERS,’ created and facilitated by Don Stevenson, is designed to help an intact work group from approx 30 to 400 participants build group spirit, manage stress effectively and balance work with personal responsibilities. In terms of length, ‘LIFESAVERS’ is similar to an elastic band and can ‘stretch’ from one to three hours depending on group objectives and time available.


Using the metaphor of ‘LIFESAVERS’, the original five-colored candy, each color will represent and remind attendees of five important lifestyle principles. These reminders are presented in a humorous, light-hearted and yet meaningful and memorable manner to ensure the heard messages are retained much longer than might otherwise be the case. Through a powerpoint presentation, group participation and the use of comedy magic and funny props, participants are given information to better manage stress and balance work and family life.


‘‘LIFESAVERS’ can be the perfect opener or closer for your conference or branch meeting!




"I am writing to congratulate you for the outstanding successful presentation delivered to our annual 'All Staff Event' in mid September. You presented to an audience of more than 500 people, late in the afternoon when people might sometimes be inclined to 'let down'.  Your presentation was very closely aligned with our overall theme (balancing work, family, and self), was informative, energizing and VERY WELL received by our staff...   I would be pleased to recommend this to other ministries."  


Deputy Minister



"I am pleased to have the opportunity to thank you for facilitatin 'LIFESAVERS®'at our annual retreat held at the Regina Travelodge.  Our retreat committee sent evaluation forms to all employees.  The feedback and comments we received on your 'LIFESAVERS®' session have been VERY POSITIVE and employees thoroughly enjoyed the session.  Your contribution made this event memorable and successful."  


Deputy Minister



"Thank you for your presentation "Healthy Living with Lifesavers: Using the Metaphor of the Wildly Popular Candy Lifesavers to Improve Personal Balance and Reduce Unhealthy Stress" at our divisional conference on June 18th, 2009. 
I doubt there has been such an enjoyable lecture on balance and stress as yours.  You have a wonderful way of combining wisdom, history and humour in seemingly simple stories that, in reality, have much deeper significance and that can convey practical strategies and applications to our life situations and experiences.  
Thank you again for a truly memorable presentation." 


Susan C. Amrud - Q.C., Executive Director



"On September 15th and 16th our organization initiated its first regional team building session.  The objectives were:

  •  to create a healthier and more supportive work culture

  •  to build teams and relationships

  •  to increase staff awareness and understanding of service areas

  •  to revisit our strategic direction

Don Stevenson was invited to deliver a presentation that focused on creating a healthier work culture and on team-building.  Don's presentation greatly contributed to the success of this event.

There has been nothing but positive feedback.  A comment made by one person was that it was the best team building exercise he had attended in 28 years!   Thanks again... hats off to you Don!" 


Regional Manager



"On behalf of our Planning Committee, I would like to thank you for your recent presentation at our staff event ... Your informative and humorous talk entitled   'LIFESAVERS®' was well - received by participants and served to remind us of the importance of nurturing our own financial, physical,  emotional and spiritual health in order to maintain balance in our lives . . . again, thank you Don for adding your own brand of 'magic' to a very successful day." 

D.W. and K.M.  . . . Committee Co-Chairs



"Don Stevenson has been coming to speak to the students in our classes here at SIAST for the past four years.  We have made him a regular part of our schedule since his presentation provides a valuable link with the Public Service Commission along with much needed stress relief... Don delivers a presentation to our students that covers a wide range of information, fun and stress relief... this information is always put forth in a fun and magical manner, literally speaking.  By the time Don leaves, the students have laughed, learned new stress relief techniques and seen a magic trick or two.  They always rate his presentation very highly. One told me 'Don is a keeper'." 


Winn Spenst, Career Enhancement Programs, SIAST.



Hi Don, thank you once again for your wonderful presentation.  I have heard nothing but good comments about it.  As discussed I am enclosing some of the comments for you." (See Below)

Michelle Kunitz, Human Resources, Ministry of Justice



"Awesome!!!" - Jenalee




"Don Stevenson's seminar/presentation was one of the best things.  It was wonderful too, like you mentioned, actually laughed through a conference instead of sleep.  And it was great.  The things he talked about, I felt, did relate to life and work and it was great that he did it in a fun and upbeat way.  It was awesome." - Michelle E.




"Very funny. Used humour to apply his principles which made it enjoyable and not boring" - Deborah



"Don Stevenson was great!!!!! He does an excellent job in providing personal insight and reflection while creatively using humour and magic. He was a real treat." - Kris L.



"Enjoyed the content but especially enjoyed the way he presented it." - Cindy



"PERFECT... good job... we need some more of this... you learn a lot but at the same time have lots of fun... GOOD JOB you guys that was GREAT." - Carla



"I thought Don was excellent. It was nice to have a light presentation filled with a variety of material (jokes, magic, etc.). He spoke very well and made some very good points when trying to balance work and life." - Tanya



"Excellent!!! one of the best speakers I have ever heard.  He kept us entertained with his humour and magic all the while using this to get important messages/ideas across - when ideas are presented in the way that he did, one will tend to remember them more so then when listening to a "lecture" type speaker." - Selma



"Don Stevenson was excellent. He was very entertaining as well as informative and I'm sure we all took home more than we realize." - Donna



"Don was a good speaker and was able to relate serious matters in a lighter way. I find it beneficial to revisit some of life's everyday issues like physical/emotional & work/home situations. Reminders every now and then are good for me. The magic was a nice touch." - Marian



"After a refreshing Christmas vacation, I wanted to follow-up with you regarding your presentation to our group in December about balancing life and work.  Our group really appreciated the nature of your presentation and valued the information you provided. I, personally, feel that you go above your call of duy by travelling to us to share your experiences and expertise.  In addition, I feel that your skill and knowledge in this area and your willingness to share with other public servants really is the essence of Excellence in Public Service.  I hope that you enjoyed your time with us as much as we enjoyed having you and hope that you never lose the energy that allows you to provide such a valuable service to your internal clients.Thanks again, and good luck in the New Year!" 


Theresa Finn, P.Eng., PMP., Senior Project Manager, Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure.



"It was great!!  Everyone learned, laughed and raved about their fun lunch time!  Thanks so much Don."  



"That was fun today.  I needed a good laugh... he was a blast... Thanks for organizing it!"  

Angie and Wanda, Ministry of Environment.



Recipient of the Premier's Award for Quality Service

Recipient of the Saskatchewn Centennial Medal