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  1. How can I reach you?

  2. How long is your show?

  3. How much do you charge?

  4. What happens when I phone or e-mail you for more information?

  5. We have a small group – can you do something for us?

  6. Do you do “strolling” or “close-up” magic at receptions or pre-dinner events?

  7. Do you have any technical requirements?

  8. Do you have any restrictions regarding the use of audio, video and flash photography?

  9. Do you use any ‘blue’ material?

  10. Do you use any live animals?

  11. Do you travel outside of Saskatchewan?

  12. Do you perform restaurant magic?

  13. Do you perform for school assemblies or children’s birthday parties? What about seniors?

  14. Do you perform for all night student after-grads?

  15. Do you perform on cruise ships?

  16. Do you use beautiful assistants?

  17. Have you ever won a Grammy?

  18. Do you have a good recipe for Irish soda bread?

How can I reach you?

Either through the contact section on the bottom of my home page on this website or directly at or at (306) 789-8753 or 539-2184.

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How long is your show?

As with as elastic band, I can comfortably stretch to accommodate from two minutes to 200 minutes! Usually, up to 60 minutes is the ideal time for most groups. Beyond this, I would recommend booking a second show with different comedic content.

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How much do you charge?  ...the most frequently asked question!

My fee is dependent on the type and duration of the event, the venue, the date and location.  My fee does reflect my experience and reputation along with the time and resources I’ve spent to keep my presentations fresh and current.  Most clients find I am within their budget so feel free to contact me for a no-obligation quote.  At times you receive more than you’ve paid for – this is one of those times.

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What happens when I phone or e-mail you for information?

If I happen to be on voice mail, kindly leave a message and I will return your call… unless of course, this is intended as a surprise for someone or is of a confidential nature, then please advise when a better time would be to return your call or e-mail.

In our conversation, I would introduce myself, listen carefully to what you are planning, inquire as to when and where this would happen, the nature of the event and the number of people you might expect.  Sometimes, just the sound of one’s voice can engender confidence.  Based on this, I would indicate my availability, quote a fee or make other suggestions.  All calls are retained in confidence. 

I will be forthcoming if I feel someone else or another activity could better meet your needs.  I know my strengths and my limitations and have no need to exaggerate my abilities or my promotional material.  As we know, open and honest communication is important for both of us.

Once we decide to proceed, we can discuss the details further.  I will contact you again a few days prior to your event to make certain there will be no surprises for either of us.

If I am unavailable for a particular date, I may be able to suggest an option or alternative for your event.

By all means, inquire around and compare.  Good entertainment is as important as a good quality meal – a mediocre performance can be embarrassing and leave a ‘bad taste’ in one’s mouth.  Yes, comedy can be a serious business!

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We have a small group – can you do something for us?

It is true that, in general, the more people gathered in a room, the more the energy builds.  At the same time, I’ve entertained from one person in a hospital bed to several hundred conference attendees (by the way, when I said to the chap in the hospital bed… ”I hope you get better.”… he rolled his eyes, turned over in bed and said, “ I hope you do too”).

From adults to seniors, audiences large and small, in casual and formal gatherings and everything in between – I adapt my entertainment to these groups and situations. 

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Do you do strolling or close-up magic at receptions or
pre-dinner events?

Yes – strolling, mingling or walk-around magic for groups that are either seated or standing, entails the use of what’s called ‘close-up’ magic.  This form of very visual small miracle entertainment happens mere inches (or centimeters!) from the faces and hands of your guests.

I have been contracted by provincial and national organizations such as Sasktel and the Financial Management Institute of Canada (references are available) to provide this kind of entertainment to province wide and national conventions.

This entertainment is ideal for wedding receptions, cocktail events, prior to a dinner stage show, promotions, hospitality rooms and the like.

I work from my pockets without the need for a table – unobtrusively ‘mingling’ with your guests, discerning if the timing is appropriate for introducing myself and, if so, showing people sleight of hand entertainment.  As I move about your guests, small groups tend to form to enjoy these displays of sleight of hand magic.

In sum, close–up magic is not disruptive – it’s an icebreaker kind of entertainment that can easily fit into your venue as no special area or preparation is required, making this style of magic, a flexible and informal kind of entertainment.  At the same time, I perform with the same versatile comedy and pleasant demeanor as I do in my stage performances.

A final thought, have you considered a combination of strolling magic with an after-dinner stage show?

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Do you have any technical requirements?

I’m pretty self-sufficient – I provide my own sound, music, wireless microphone for up to 250 people.  Beyond that, the event sponsor will need to arrange for the appropriate sound and lighting.  While I’ve stood on everything from milk cartons to my tiptoes , for stage presentations, while not mandatory, the show is enhanced by a stage or platform – at least 8’ x 8’ x1’ so people can see easier (and that’s not 8’ high and a foot square!).  

On the plus side, I provide my own bottle of water!

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Do you have any restrictions regarding the use of audio or video and flash photography?
Yes… audio and video recordings of my shows are not permitted. A number of routines require secured rights to perform publically and some presentations are unique to me. Flash photography is permitted as long as you respect the privacy right of others.

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Do you use any ‘blue’ material?

Never – my shows are always family-friendly – I pretend my mother, my grade 2 teacher (Ms. Gillies) and my parish priest are in the room.

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Do you use any live animals?

For ethical reasons, I do not.

I once had two rabbits, two fish, some baby pigeons, three dogs and a hamster but this combination never really got along and the transportation problems eventually got to me.

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Do you travel outside Saskatchewan?

Generally, I prefer to stay here. 

However, I have performed in Ireland, in the Dominican Republic and in Italy.  I have considered going to Bosnia-Hertzogovenia but changed my mind.

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Do you perform restaurant magic?

Yes – for the past two years I have entertained guests at suppertime on Sundays at Boston Pizza, south Albert St. in Regina.

Here are just a few of the many positive comments I’ve received from that location (I suspect the great food and the wonderful staff were responsible for most of these!)…

"I was out for supper with my daughter at Boston Pizza south a while back and both of us really enjoyed your table magic.  It was funny and for all ages.  I was at a kids’ birthday party a few weeks ago and they had a magic show and well I can honestly say that after about four minutes, the kids’ attention was lost and it got me thinking about you and I wanted to thank you for sharing what you did with us."  Michelle S., patron

"I think you made a hit!" television personality, patron

"Our group came because we knew you were going to be here!" Dr. S., patron 

"The kids love it here on Sundays – it’s always so much fun!"  Phil and family,  patrons

"I want YOU – at my birthday party!"  Dillon, age 12, patron

"Thanks again for all of your help in making my restaurant the best in the city!"
John Fraser, operating franchisee

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Do you perform for school assemblies or children’s birthday parties? … What about seniors?

I have performed for a number of elementary school assemblies and post-secondary student orientations and have taught magic at some community schools in Regina.

Here’s a recent comment from the staff at St. Augustine’s Community School…

“Our staff found that Don was able to ’magically’ capture the attention of all our students and keep them well entertained with comedy and engaging acts of magic.  It was a great afternoon for our students.”

As far as children’s birthday parties go, other entertainers may better meet your needs.

Seniors can be a wonderful appreciative group.  I have put together a special comedic program that appeals particularly to them.

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Do you perform for all-night student after-grads?

I would rather stick pins in my eyes.

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Do you perform on cruise ships?

I have performed on the Riverhurst ferry.  And I once performed for my fellow passengers on an airline flight…they all got up and left!”

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Do you use beautiful assistants?

Our daughters used to help me out, but now they think I’m an idiot… so now, I mostly work alone.

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Have you ever won a Grammy?

Once I won a barbeque.

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Do you have a good recipe for Irish soda bread?   

Yes!  Here you go...


3 &1/4 cups sifted all-purpose flour

1/4 cup of sugar

1/4 teaspoon of salt

1 teaspoon of baking soda

1 teaspoon of baking powder

1/2 cup butter or margarine

1 & 1/3 cups of buttermilk


pre-heat oven to 350f

combine all of the dry ingredients

cut in butter until mixture resembles course breadcrumbs

add buttermilk, mixing gradually,

then shape into a ball

knead lightly on a floured surface ten times

place on a well-greased baking sheet

cut an ‘x’ on the top, half an inch deep

bake at 350f for one hour (slightly longer in Newfoundland)



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