"There's More to This
Than Money!"






"An informative,


and fun-filled

seminar on retirement planning!"




“If retirement is supposed to be fun, why shouldn’t a seminar on retirement planning be the same!”


Learning, when presented using a variety of group educational approaches, together with respectful humour, can aid in the retention of information both in an objective manner applicable to everyone but also in a very personal way for each seminar attendee.


This seminar has been successfully field-tested before dozens of pre-retirement public service ministry groups and hundreds of imminent retirees.Portions have been presented at a national retirement planning conference, at the Saskatchewan Chapter of the Retirement Planning Association of Canada, for the Canadian Pension and Benefits Institute, at the University of Regina and for Sask Energy.


Ideas from the seminar have been published in the Readers' Digest, the Investment Executive and on the Readers' Cafe, Public Employees Benefits Agency.


The seminar is really based on the accumulative wisdoms of Saskatchewan Public Service retirees who were kind enough over the years to share their comments and suggestions with me as to what could be beneficial to those who will follow in their footsteps - comments on financial planning to be sure but especially in the sharing of their experiences in the areas of our physical and emotional health, in our community and family activities and in the spiritual/life purpose of our lives - all combining to really make retirement what we hope it will be.


Through both lecture format and group interaction, the seminar discusses the topics of generally what makes people happy, what we'll miss and won't miss from work, replacement ideas for what we 'will miss' from work, common myths of retirement, current notions of successful retirement planning - and all this embedded with up to date research and presented through unique powerpoint illustrations, relevant video clips, unusual props and demonstrations, music and more!


The seminar can be presented in one of three formats - a brief 60-90 minute presentation, a one-half day adjunct to a financial planning workshp or through a stand alone half-day or full-day event with more time for group sharing and exchange of ideas and experiences.


It is ideally intended for employee groups of 25 - 50 including spouses/partners who are not only invited but encouraged to attend as there will be opportunity for couple sharing.The seminar will be of interest to attendees who may be considering retirement from their current employer within the next three years or so.


The sponsoring employer will be responsible for seminar promotion/registration, locating an appropriate venue with room internet access and providing for a healthy snack!


Don is a long-standing member of the Retirement Planning Association of Canada and the Psychology Association of Saskatchewan.



"Great presentation... your humour in presenting the information will help me remember..."  

D. Gress, Regina



"Helped me to really think what's important to me…health more than money." 

H. Green, Swift Current



"We really enjoyed this seminar… very good, well prepared, humour, interesting, entertaining."

 D. Morin, North Battleford



"I found the afternoon very enlightening, reducing the stress of the workday! There were new thoughts and confirmation of my thoughts and feelings. I very much enjoyed it. Thank you so much."  

J. Dawson, Prince Albert



"Thank you so much for a fun and informative afternoon. Well worth it!"  

B. McKay, Prince Albert



"The seminar has made us think about other matters besides financial."  

D. M., Nipawin



"This truly was the best seminar I have ever attended!!  Lots of good information and food for thought... time to start planning!"  

S. Jarvis, Prince Albert



"I found the seminar interesting and entertaining. I don't think that I will find retirement so scary anymore.  I know what I need to do to make the most out of retirement."  

Laura M., Prince Albert



"Relaxing… easy to learn because of the good use of humour."  




"Enjoyed the afternoon… you make your presentation fun!"  

Audrey R., Prince Albert



"I had a good time this afternoon Don. Good information and presented in a unique way!  

Rick A., Prince Albert



"Humour well appreciated... expected financial information but good emphasis on 'Retirement Planning' and the four chair legs (metaphor)... references to books and websites good… enjoyed the afternoon… good seminar…lots of food for thought… you're a great magician!"  

Doris B., Prince Albert



"A great fun session!  Heartwarming!  I had a blast and thanks for the rose!  Great tricks!  

Loretta Stryde, La Ronge.



"What a great seminar!  I left with lots of things to contemplate.  




"Don, without sounding corny, this was much more than I expected.  No financial numbers yet I feel better about my retirement... I do hope I have another opportunity  to attend another seminar or two of yours in the future."  

Gerry W., Melfort



"Honestly Great!!  Lots to think about.  The tricks were amazing."  




"The seminar was very interesting. You advised us about things that people aren't telling us ... you are a very entertaining facilitator and made things easy to understand.  You never lost my interest.  Thank you – I really enjoyed this afternoon."  




"The seminar was very interesting and informative.  It has given me a lot to think about in the next few years.  I found the information was easy to understand.  I enjoyed the humour.  The real life stories really added to it.  Thank you."  




"It was a fun afternoon.  Thank you for your great sense of humour.  I learned a lot today and will keep some of the advice.  I like the idea of going to a retirement session that is not about money issues."  




"This was a very fun and informative session.  We need more of these types of sessions for employees.  Retirement is more than money but planning for more years of life after work."  

Donna Millard, Prince Albert



"You blew them away… of the 16 forms left at the session, you were rated as a ’5’ or '6' or '6+++++' (and that wasn't even a choice!)... wow... you just keep getting better... what a crowd pleaser you are… the feedback from the academic and admin group was just as glowing as before with added comments that they'd like to attend your regular session."  

Darlene Marchuk, Director, Pension and Benefits, Human Resources, University of Regina



"Very entertaining - great comic relief! Thank you... Your presentation was very well recieved and much appreciated!"   

 Karen Lovelace, Administratice Co-ordinator, Canadian Pension Benefits Institute



"The Canada Pension & Benefits Institute Saskatchewan chapter recently held it's annual general meeting and Don Stevenson was one of our featured speakers. Don's Presentation was quite topical in the area of retirement planning, but it took a slightly different approach and focused on non financial matters, which many people don't consider.  His presentation style was quite entertaining and a great way to kick off the morning. Don recieved good or very good responses on the evaluation summary and was greatly appreciated."  

John Hallett, Assistant Director, Canadian Pension Benefits Institute



"Today I was reviewing my notes from our RPAC meeting last week and I wanted to send you a note to say how mich I enjoyed and appreciated your presentation. I plan to use some of the ideas around "head and heart" and "entertaining and humorous props" in my future presentations to clients and staff. I look forward to working with you on the RPAC exective."  

Terry Shields, Financial Planner/Investment Advisor, Credit Union



Recipient of the Premier's Award for Quality Service

Recipient of the Saskatchewn Centennial Medal