Strolling Magic

Strolling, mingling or walk-around magic for groups that are either seated or standing, entails the use of what’s called ‘close-up’ magic.  This form of very visual small miracle entertainment happens mere inches (or centimeters!) from the faces and hands of your guests.


I have been contracted by provincial and national organizations such as Sasktel and the Financial Management Institute of Canada (references are available) to provide this kind of entertainment to province wide and national conventions.

This entertainment is ideal for wedding receptions, cocktail events, prior to a dinner stage show, promotions, hospitality rooms and the like.


I work from my pockets without the need for a table – unobtrusively ‘mingling’ with your guests, discerning if the timing is appropriate for introducing myself and, if so, showing people sleight of hand entertainment.  As I move about your guests, small groups tend to form to enjoy these displays of sleight of hand magic.


In sum, close–up magic is not disruptive – it’s an icebreaker kind of entertainment that can easily fit into your venue as no special area or preparation is required, making this style of magic, a flexible and informal kind of entertainment.  At the same time, I perform with the same versatile comedy and pleasant demeanor as I do in my stage performances.

A final thought, have you considered a combination of strolling magic with an after-dinner stage show?