The Three R's to
Workplace Motivation






. Sincere Employee Recognition


. Personal Respect From and  Toward Colleagues


 . Random Humour 


This session is approximately 90 minutes in length. The content is based on sound research, employee surveys, focus groups and personal interviews conducted over a number of years. Through the use of humour, funny props and group interaction, it is intended to remind participants of an intact work group of these three foundation blocks for building a respectful workplace - much of which is within the control of the individual employee.




"The conference was awesome... much thanks to the successful guest speakers we had… this means YOU!!   We went on the house-boat tour up the river that night and everybody was talking about your presentation and how they found the topic so appropriate for our group of people.  I just went around to everybody and took another pole asking for suggestions for improvement (as you have asked for) but there were none.  In fact, we all feel that you had a very difficult topic to discuss but made it memorable and gave us all something to think about by the humour and props you used in your presentation. You were also very interactive which was commented on by many.  Some have asked if we could get you back at a later date to speak on another topic!  You have a very good way of getting your point across. The only thing to comment on that could have made it better would be if I had won the $100. bill!!!  So I hope that this helps you to know that we really appreciated your presentation and I will certainly consider asking you to be a presenter at a future conference.  Many thanks Don!!"  


Donna Krahn, CASS manager, Sask. Ministry of Agriculture, Saskatoon.



"You did a really good job at keeping folks entertained.  In fact, a lot of people mentioned on their feedback form, that you were the highlight of the day... including the food!"  


Colleen Hawkesford, Communications Consultant



"We really appreciated you spending the afternoon with us... you are a fabulous magician.  I was entertained while I learned a lot, thank you for sharing your  gifts, talents, and your knowledge." 


Carol-ann Decker, Manager, Career and Employment Services



"On behalf of the Region, I would like to thank you for your powerful message and medium yesterday.  I think this was of great benefit to our leadership group in assisting in creating and maintaining a healthy workplace.  Once again a huge thanks.  We would like to call on you again for a general staff forum some time in the near future."  


Garry Prediger, Social Services



"Thank you for your willingness to attend the CPSP Health, Safety, and Wellness Conference.  Your natural talents in helping people learn while laughing, to respect one another and not take life too seriously really helped to make the conference a success!  Thank you so much for presenting!  There is nothing better than home-grown talent!"  


Carrie Bjola, Ministry of Justice


Recipient of the Premier's Award for Quality Service

Recipient of the Saskatchewn Centennial Medal