Hello everyone! A warm welcome to my website and the comedy variety entertainment of Don Stevenson!

Let's get right to it and answer the first question that's likely on your mind: "Don, what's the advantage to booking you - and if we do, what will our group see and hear - and how much will this cost?”

Ok! Good question! Glad you asked!

Whether you're a newcomer here or a repeat visitor, right now you are likely planning or exploring your entertainment options, checking out who does what and comparing shows, fees, availability, etc.

Particularly if you've not booked entertainment before, your task may be made more difficult by sifting through exaggerated claims, website fluff, unwarranted adverts and sales hype. The fact that many of my bookings are repeat clients attest to my proven record and years of experience in delivering ethical client service and delivering to clients what they expect. As most of my referrals are now through word of mouth, I invite you to visit my Client Reviews page. You may even be familiar with some of these people.

Just as you are selective in the entertainment that you arrange for your group, so I am selective in the clients and functions I accept. I specialize in clean professional comedy for family, business, and organizational functions. I do not entertain children's groups or grads. I do not perform 'blue' material, work in bars, or out of doors regardless of the weather!

There will be clean, respectful comedy, group participation, funny props and even things that could touch your heart, if they don’t break your funny bone. You will hear loads of laughter from beginning to end (maybe even into the next day!) and you will see things you likely have never seen before and those things you have seen will be presented in ways you never dreamed of! Here’s just a sample of some things I may select… you may see me remove my head using only a paper bag (remember, I do tricks, not miracles!); I may try to give away a $100 bill to a lucky someone in your group (my spouse hates this trick!); you may be surprised at hilarious routines using the simple egg (this one may encourage you to swear off the drink forever!); perhaps I’ll use the hated tax form, or some wine bottles, a dress (not mine), teeth (also not mine), coat hangers, perhaps a knife that I might brazenly shove through a gentleman’s jacket (assuredly, the gentleman will not be in it at the time!), ‘animals,’ including a mind-reading sasquatch or Quackser, my famous clairvoyant goose, toilet paper, a shovel, perhaps you may even roar with laughter at the sight of a funeral plan… then again, maybe not! How about a spoof on Las Vegas Magic!, some wacky and just really weird inventions, goofy consumer items; you’ll likely never fly again without thinking about a routine on plane travel and seeing the contents of my suitcase. Some of these are original and have never been seen before in Saskatchewan or anywhere for that matter (maybe that’s a good thing). There won't be a dry seat in the house!

In addition, I can work with you to incorporate special themes or ideas you may have and I can select and blend routines that adapt to the purpose, interests or needs of your group. If you have specific questions about how this might work, please feel free to contact me.

This versatile style of performing is welcomed at family gatherings, conferences, after-dinner corporate events, employee appreciation evenings, seminars, banquets, fundraisers, anniversaries, birthdays, reunions, wedding receptions, retirements and Christmas festivities… whew!

Recipient of the Premier's Award for Quality Service

Recipient of the Saskatchewn Centennial Medal